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Back in the Arms of Manila

It has been a long time since I last wrote something here in my small space in the World Wide Web. Not naman that there are no significant things happening in my life these past few days but I guess am just really trying to cover a lot of things these days.

Over the past week (hmm, I guess so from the last post I wrote) there are a lot of things happened already, don’t worry I have drafts of them in my PDA since whenever there are things popping in my head, I scribble them immediately so that I can further build on it. If am not mistaken there are three drafts already from the past week.

I was out of the country over the weekend obviously for work and a side trip of shopping and I must say there are funny moments there that I experienced, will make kwento later.

For the followers of the blog (naks, assuming…yabang!) ito ang mga aabanagan ninyo:

A. Chin- Chin (working title) – the night out story with some Singaporean expats…kung bakit chin-chin…malalaman nyo din lang!
B. Wanderer in Hong Kong – reflections written during the Symphony of Lights show at Tsim Tsa Tsui at ang pagbisita at pakikipag kwentuhan sa ilang mga kababayan
C. Wanderer in Back Pack – the overnight back packing experience

Andami kong utang na blog, pero ill find time for that before the week end and another month begin…shucks March na pala! Ilang trip lang December na ulit.

There you go, this is another fast blog over cup of coffee and chocolates. Ill get back to work muna para may pang shopping…pumapatak ang metro!


Good Morning Ortigas!

Monday hasn’t ended yet for me (IKR its Tuesday for crying out loud) but things at work gets a little messed up.

I was sick over the weekend because of some microorganisms that managed to survive my stomach and decided to take revenge on their host, ingratos! That is the sole reason why I haven’t written anything over the weekend, I intend to write about my PLANNED escape somewhere in Bataan that thanks to those organisms, failed to materialize. I stayed home with IV fluids slowly flowing in my system (thanks to my brother for that pero that doesn’t mean hindi na kami magkagalit).

Then yesterday was Monday (until today I should say), Mabuhay ang mga Single! Okay, okay, that has a tinge of bitterness in it but hey, don’t blame me, am alone while am sick over the weekend and am engaged with my laptop and soon to be wed with him (kay laptop)!

Someone who accidentally visited my blog told me that he liked it (insert blush!)…thank you (insert wink!) and that he will officially follow it (insert ECG machine! nakakakaba kaya na alam mong may nagbabasa ng blog mo). I told him that yesterday I don’t know what to write simply because I know that most bloggers will write things about love, relationship, dating, flirting and sex and I don’t want to join the band wagon, baka macompare pa na mas maganda yung blog ni ganito over mine…so wala akong sinulat (excuses, wala lang talaga akong maisulat because am alone) and besides am busy crunching numbers, doing presentations simultaneously because there will be a delegation visit of expat counterparts who will pretend to be liking things but at the back of their minds they’re comparing what they have in their own countries. Gawain ko din yun whenever am their visitor hehe. But seriously I have a handful of things going to do, I have to rush my visa application to Australia and China, I have to reschedule my HK trip simply because my passport’s with the respective embassies, I have to check my itinerary to Singapore and Malaysia hoping my passport will arrive before I leave otherwise am going to reschedule again, I have to attend to various meetings, I have to track developments of my projects in China and Vietnam via email or VoIP …… I cant breathe anymore!

And that is my office table on this Tuesday morning. Hindi pa kasma d’yan what’s underneath haha.

And there’s the receptionist over the phone asking me if I will be taking a call from Singapore regarding a conference…am in a meeting!

This blog took me 15minutes to finish…the machine’s now operating in full throttle.