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Every cloud has a silver lining.

Strangers are the best conversationalists, that’s what I proved this morning at the airport while waiting for my plane. His name’s Kumar, a Muslim-Indian guy bound to Cebu but resides somewhere in Mindanao.

I had quite a long time talking things with him. Topics from religion to politics to local scenes and of course our lives.

” So…are you (gesturing his hands to drive his point regarding my preference)? Yes, I swing both ways” that was me cutting the chase. And then he told me the (so far) most wonderful words a straight guy said to me ” I find people like you so interesting, you are a creative bunch of people, you can be more feminine that women and at the same time be the man of men.” I managed to smile with what he said and to myself, this stranger is a perfect example of who guys should be. At that moment I felt pride blood rushing through my veins and if people are like him we will be living in a gay world (happy world I mean). This stranger gave me and people like me the respect we deserve with his words.

Respect. Something that’s not easily given but earned the hard way especially for people like us. Something that most of us failed to get as we live day-in-day-out. As I walk through my life I learned that no one can give you the respect due you but you yourself. Respect begins when you respect yourself and when you respect others too. We should learn to love and respect ourselves more because we are facing a difficult world everyday of our lives since we decided to take on the unconventional road but I would like to believe that there a lot Kumars in this world, it’s just a matter of time to find and meet them…You can be your own Kumar, appreciate your Blessings because every overcast clouds has a silver lining.

There goes the last call for boarding, I’ll be posting this after deplaning in my destination.

Respect begins in you.