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And I Wished for Love

Sun, Sand, Pristine Waters…Boracay

I am writing this blog while enjoying the view, the works of this magnificent place that a lot of people love and I guess I might consider frequenting this place than out of the country. I loved how it felt but I failed to achieve solitude since part of me is still working.

We had dinner last night at Discovery Shores and on my way up to where the Shangri-La van was waiting I saw the “wish tablet” — a huge stone where you will write, using a brush, your wish. At that time there were few written but I cant recognize as it was in Korean and Mandarin (a friend told me).

As I took my turn, I seriously don’t know what to write and then all of a sudden, when i pointed the brush to the stone, I wrote “Love”.

Sun, Sand, Pristine Waters…and I wished for Love


after the hiatus

And I am back…to those who are reading my blog, my sincerest apologies that I wasn’t able to write for more than a month or two, I seriously don’t remember.

But a lot of things happened (as always) day-in-day-out to your wanderer parang kasing dami lang ng mga sasakyang dumadaan sa Ortigas araw-araw. To start of, I just turned a year wiser and wittier last May. I’ve been to some new places over the span of my hiatus in the blogosphere and met a few remarkable people who didn’t last long and right now someone’s coming back. And another thing, after so long I went to Cubao with a girl friend to catch up over cup of coffee which let to bottles of beer but. More than the conversation my friend and I had, the imprint Cubao left was the fact that the place made me jealous and envious because of the “partners/couples” that I saw while wandering the streets of Araneta Center past midnight last week.

Well that’s a quickie.

Oh, take a look at one of the shocks of my life when I went to Korea…

who will imagine that they are only good in making Android phones?

Extreme Living

Over the past twenty days I’ve been traveling in different countries mainly for work and of course to do some sight seeing. Considering that am just new in this kind of business, I have to maintain my focus and being the ultra competitive that I am, I always see to it that foreign counterparts will be impressed and will believe the effectiveness of my strategies (go Pinoy!)

During those trips, I was able to see the busy business district, cityscape, renowned landmarks, suburbs and some countryside. Each representing distinct characters and personalities, from posh to simple (look for synonym). And as I go from one place to the other, realities of living is slowly unfolding. Peoples lives in the other parts of he region is pretty much the same as ours, from fame to famine. And to some extent most of Pinoys are even lucky in the Philippines which I don’t think they appreciate, for reasons they themselves know.

I now consider myself lucky, not because I have a job that allows me to travel and be in all these wonderful places that most of my “kababayans” will only see in the movies (no pun intended). I am lucky because I was able to see the different faces of life and realize that I am a blessed guy and I should not only be thankful of this blessings, I know that I should use it for he betterment of other people. As to how and where to start, that I still have to figure out myself.


While writing this blog am traveling from Manila to my hometown, boarding a non air-conditioned bus and standing. What a perfect balance in my life because over the past 20 days I’ve been boarding business class planes and luxury cars and enjoying the “expat” life.

Back in the Arms of Manila

It has been a long time since I last wrote something here in my small space in the World Wide Web. Not naman that there are no significant things happening in my life these past few days but I guess am just really trying to cover a lot of things these days.

Over the past week (hmm, I guess so from the last post I wrote) there are a lot of things happened already, don’t worry I have drafts of them in my PDA since whenever there are things popping in my head, I scribble them immediately so that I can further build on it. If am not mistaken there are three drafts already from the past week.

I was out of the country over the weekend obviously for work and a side trip of shopping and I must say there are funny moments there that I experienced, will make kwento later.

For the followers of the blog (naks, assuming…yabang!) ito ang mga aabanagan ninyo:

A. Chin- Chin (working title) – the night out story with some Singaporean expats…kung bakit chin-chin…malalaman nyo din lang!
B. Wanderer in Hong Kong – reflections written during the Symphony of Lights show at Tsim Tsa Tsui at ang pagbisita at pakikipag kwentuhan sa ilang mga kababayan
C. Wanderer in Back Pack – the overnight back packing experience

Andami kong utang na blog, pero ill find time for that before the week end and another month begin…shucks March na pala! Ilang trip lang December na ulit.

There you go, this is another fast blog over cup of coffee and chocolates. Ill get back to work muna para may pang shopping…pumapatak ang metro!