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Opportunity for all

In a boutique of a local shopping mall:

Me: excuse me (a saleslady quickly went to where I was standing), is there a bigger size of this shirt (pointing at a cute shirt for boys…yeah I normally shop kids sizes with the body frame that I have)?

Lady: (suddenly raised here hands showing numbers)

Me: blank stare

Lady: (pointed to her ID card) “Hi! My name is ______, how may I help you? Then there’s a bold writing below her name ” I’m Deaf”

Me: shocked

It took me a while before I came to my senses and realized that indeed I was speaking to a deaf saleslady (no pun intended). Suddenly I felt a mixture of astonishment and sympathy towards the situation. Allow me to say that I was more amazed just by dealing with her. It never occurred in my mind hat I will be experiencing such, because for one it never occurred to me I will meet one here in the Philippines.?

And that is EQUITY. Hats off to you guys!