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Akward Moment

Another FX experience…

I saw someone who I gone to bed with last night while waiting for the FX at the terminal. I just nod and smile at him and he did the same. All of a sudden things happened before surfaced from my subconscious which made me tell myself “another night wouldn’t be bad” haha.

Seriously, I was like tempted to talk to him and ask things out but then I stepped back and decided to just be quiet.

Makes me wonder, 2 strange FX related experience, pwedeng mag-FX ulit bukas (grin)


ii. From BED to someone else’s Bed

I was alone last Friday night when I decided to hit BED (Manila) after having coffee with a friend somewhere in UN. I am a member of this SNS and I received an invite from BED that there will be an exclusive party for the members which gave me more than enough reason to go there: free entrance + SNS members = fun!

Since I came there thirty minutes before show time (started 12:00am), I immediately ordered my usual (Absolute + Sprite) and lit a cig. I was on the phone the whole time talking to a new found friend convincing him to come over for company since I don’t want to be alone that night, well that’s my initial thought. Few cigs, few minutes, a second round when /he/ went to my spot to ask for “light”. Being mabait that I am, I obliged and handed him my lighter as I continue to do my stuff. /He/ went back to his friend and continued drinking.

The night’s getting boring so I decided to go downstairs to check on the show. Few were there already dancing together with the ledge dancers in white and I was just in one corner. Moments after, /he/ was beside me already and we are now exchanging basic information about ourselves. Both professional, single but not wanting (we thought so). We continued the night dancing, dinking, whispers, smoking and what have you.

I was about to call that I night when something in me (alcohol I guess) decided to join them as they took off the bar for some quick snack. While eating he asked me if I would like to come over his place, being the kaladkarin that I am, I obliged. So we head to his place in Makati…sneaking (all the while he thought that his dad was not around but we saw his car outside). Few chats and the next thing I know we were kissing, passionate, intense. We were into it that moment, our tools are of more or less equal proportions, just right fit to where it was that night (grin). We both came with a kiss and a promise of exploring potential “future” after. Well, as most of us, there’s no future after hook up. When pants zip up and tops buttoned, its Thank you and Good bye.

i. Damn First

I was tired and I guess so are you
I was half sleeping but I can feel you staring
Discreet touches here and there
Damn what I am doing?

I opened my eyes and I caught you staring
Your stare drifted
Soft music and lingering touches
Damn what am I feeling?

Alighting was supposed to be carefree
But why am I holding back?
Yes I am waiting
Damn why am I waiting?

Then I decided to get off
You followed
Stares…oh yes, inviting stares
Damn why am I responding?

You made the first move
I entertained
“My place”, you told me
Damn why am joining?

Lights out
Tops off
Pants down
Damn am I enjoying?

Soft moans
Soft caress

You came
I followed
It was my first
Damn was it yours too?

Tops on
Zips up
It’s late
Damn am leaving.