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“I need a breather” February 8, 2011; 10:02PM

My friends are used to me sending similar short messages whenever I’m physically or mentally stressed out from work. Its been a very tiring week for me (so far) considering its just mid-week. Operations meeting ended 11.45PM last Monday and the following day I have to be with the country manager for market visit. The past two days subjected myself from various elements overcasting my life (all aspects of it). It was also last night when again I feel alone as in times like this, who wouldn’t want someone who could comfort a stressed body and soul that a warm hug or a simple smile could ease. Then reality confronted me that, yes I am successful in my chosen field at an early age but am alone.

People are right when they said that its lonely as you reach the top because there are only few of you on that level. I cannot help but envy my friends who are part of the majority but they have someone who hugs them, dine with them and comfort them in their stressful days.

But last night’s last night, today I am embracing another full day hoping that this will not be as stressful as the past two days. I wish to have my time off for the weekend, perhaps go backpacking out of town.

I need a breather. A short respite.