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i. Damn First

I was tired and I guess so are you
I was half sleeping but I can feel you staring
Discreet touches here and there
Damn what I am doing?

I opened my eyes and I caught you staring
Your stare drifted
Soft music and lingering touches
Damn what am I feeling?

Alighting was supposed to be carefree
But why am I holding back?
Yes I am waiting
Damn why am I waiting?

Then I decided to get off
You followed
Stares…oh yes, inviting stares
Damn why am I responding?

You made the first move
I entertained
“My place”, you told me
Damn why am joining?

Lights out
Tops off
Pants down
Damn am I enjoying?

Soft moans
Soft caress

You came
I followed
It was my first
Damn was it yours too?

Tops on
Zips up
It’s late
Damn am leaving.