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The Ride and The Girl

Just got here in my office room and am thinking what had just happened.

The day started without any cab that will take me from Manila to Ortigas. I was like waiting for good 30 minutes then I decided to hail a jeepney to the FX terminal. Upon reaching the terminal, an empty FX is on its way out heading to Ortigas and will just take its chance picking passengers en route. I took the front seat and I was followed by a lady lets call her “the girl”.

Normally I just take a nap whenever am traveling but this time, this girl (YES, G-I-R-L!) got my attention. She’s fine, good build, chinita and bears the sweetest smile I haven’t seen in years (from a girl, I repeat from a girl…from who? huwaaaaat???). I caught myself staring at her (thank you to my eye shades, I think she didn’t noticed me staring at her). I hurriedly sent an SMS to my buddies telling them the scenario I was in earlier, and all of them were frantic on what I should do or my next move and of course a lot of teasing…magbabalik loob na daw ako finally. I entertained the thought and I told one of my friends that I think I would consider going to the “matuwid na landas” if she will be with me. Seriously, natorpe ako sa kanya, heck I cannot start a conversation, damn I don’t know how to, its been years since I was with a girl!!! Panic mode ON. But the persistent guy in me wanted to know her and probably invite her for a quick coffee.

Thank you to manong driver who asked something which opened up “the” conversation. I managed to ask her few things, basics, and I was about to alight the FX when she mentioned that she don’t know where to get off because it was her first time taking the FX on her way to work. Ting! Here’s my chance! So I told her that I’ll join her to where she should alight and I know for a fact that my friendly Starbucks store is exactly besides her building. Ayos! I told manong driver to drop us in front of the building and as we went off the FX, I immediately went to her side and drop my line “mind if I ask you to grab some coffee?” then she took a quick glance to her wrist watch and said “I have a ten o’clock meeting”. I thought that was the end until she said “but sure, a quick coffee will still be fine” Ayos!. Before we reach the entrance of the store I managed to ask her name and shook her hand, gawd I was shaking…parang high school lang! We had a quick conversation in between orders until we decided to partway. My bad, I know I should’ve asked her if I can join her for walk to her building pero nahiya ako. Maybe next time.

I dunno what happened, seriously. But one thing I am sure of, I like her the moment I saw her.

There goes the guy in me.