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Mother knows best!

Have you watched the movie Tangled? I can consider that as my 2011 Movie of the Year (personal) as I haven’t gone tired of watching it. Primarily because of the story line and how the characters complement each other, more than that, I am a self-confessed hopeless romantic and its cheesiness captured me. Aside from the lighting of the lanterns by the boat part (that’s the best part of the movie for me), the part where the girl’s pseudo-mom was having this conversation about going out of the tower and see the world and then the song goes “mother knows best”.

The Christmas brought me to my low points this year and made me realize a lot of things. Weeks back, after finishing shopping and looking at the bags in the corner of my room, a jolt of sadness hit me. For the first time, I opened up with my mom, told her how lonely I was. That amidst the fact that I can buy anything, go to any country, eat expensive stuff – anytime, I still can’t find happiness. I told her to not to get wrong, I am finding happiness with my family, I love them all, but there is a certain kind of happiness that even your family nor your closest friends can give. It’s like a void that only someone, a partner at that can fill. I felt a sign of relief when she told me she understands how lonely it must have been for me who’s always focusing in my job and working without a special someone to share it with. She also noted that she understands that they cant fill the emptiness I am feeling because there’s someone out there who could fill it up.

Tears fell as I was going through the entire conversation, she ended it with an advice that may I carefully choose the one I would like to be with and when that day comes that I will be having my partner, she will be happier for me.

At that point, I can feel how young I still am, like a toddler who’s running towards his mom sobering over something, and just like what mom always do, she’s there to comfort me and tell me things will be better, things will be alright.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!


deadly hungarian


I don’t remember where I heard those words, probably in a local TV show. So what is it doing in my blog?

You see I’ve been blogging rarely lately well as always, because I don’t feel like blogging as it may sound like a “rant” blog rather than otherwise. Not that I’m living an uneventful life, but yeah I am just preoccupied lately.

So going back, to deadly hungarian, the gay slang for “patay-gutom”, this is how it came into play:

I came home pretty early today from work, really not in the work mood to do anything productive, not even bothered if I have an upcoming presentation in 2 days time, I think today is just carefree day / sabaw day. So after dinner I decided to go to bed and read through a good blog and then my brother came from his hospital duty. He went straight to my room, to check on me and found me nibbling on a huge canister of Pik-Nik which I think he was asking me to give him some last week but I forgot to. He sat beside my bed asking me some stuff, really nonsense and then he snatched the canister from my side. Safe to say he quickly ran through it and he went out and then came back with a small bowl to which he put some more shoestrings on. While pouring, he suddenly blurted out “pasensya na deadly hungarian” and we just blurted out a huge brothers’ laugh.

You see my relationship with my brother is just like other normal brothers. I played the older yet carefree and he played the younger and protective. We outgrown each other during the academic years and now that we are busy with work and other personal stuff, these little moments are something that makes me realize that no matter how different we are in a lot of ways, we still have the “kids” attitude towards each other. In few years time, I bet he will marry and start his own family while I remain to be living the way I live now.

Years will pass and I wish to look back to this post to remind me of tonight, of the kid-like manners we showed in few minutes because of deadly hungarian.