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New York

As the famous song Empire State of Mind goes “If can you make it here you can make it anywhere….concrete jungle where dreams are made of” the Big Apple has always been a lifelong dream for me. I envisioned myself setting foot in the corner of Wall Street, Broadway, Fifth and Madison Avenues either for business or pleasure.

Being in NYC means being at the top of the world or being at the center of the universe. The place where self made men thrive, compete and survive. A world where split second matters and a lot of things happen in a blink of an eye.

Being in NYC means I made it through my dreams and I sure can make it anywhere. It’s a manifestation that I can make things happen and I can seize my dreams so long that I maintain my focus and work hard towards achieving it. That’s who I am, but few knows why.

There goes NYC, a dream and I’ll do anything to seize it.

I hope people will understand the content of this blog. I’m just a dreamer who happen to be passionate in fulfilling it.