Onli in da Pilipines


May dibidi player at lcd ang dyip ni manong!



Over the past days I was being the “consoling” party of my friends, 2 of them, problem? Love, loving, relationship and the intertwined emotions attached to it. Now that was tricky, because of all people among our roster of friends, I was the one they were after and lo and behold I will find myself sitting beside my friend (one after the other) giving each of them advises on how they will handle things. Of all people, I was the one giving advise…yes! ME!

Case #1 The Mistress who doesn’t want to be Kerida anymore

He is a good friend of mine and last time I heard of him was he broke up with his guy who happen to be in a relationship with a girl with a kid…now 2 kids. He told himself that he doesn’t want to be a kerida again and when he found “the one” he will make sure that “the one” will be his last. Confident and assured I must say. But life’s has its own way of doing things because when he found “the one” he learned that “the one” is with “another one”, a gay guy at that. And history is now repeating itself but this time I can feel that it is more painful. His “the one” keeps on seeing him on weekdays and seeing “the other one” on weekends, WOW perfect kerida at legal wife set-up! And the sad thing is, love hit my friend so bad making him eat his words (above).

Together with my favourite hand crafted hot beverage and his “the one’s” favourite hand crafted beverage, we found ourselves chatting over this thing last Tuesday night. All I managed to say to him was to “love himself more” and finally have s*x with “the one” (malay nyo deal breaker ang boner ni “the one” edi instant fubu na diba!) because obviously, his “the one” loves “the other one” more simply because he cant let go of his relationship in favour of my friend. Moreover, I told my friend that he should confront “the one” because he will just prolong his agony and his being kerida if he will continue to go out, go home, hug, kiss, do sweet nothings with this guy who I think will not reciprocate.

Then I realized, heck! why was giving such advise eh kung ako ang nasa sitwasyon, I think I will do everything to get this guy. Just an update, my friend failed the s*x attempt last night and now he is uber disturbed. Towards the long weekend, we will just hit the road and go out of town for him to forget that his “the one” is on the loving arms and other body parts of “the other one”.

Case #2 The Mistress who was found by the other Mistress with a new born baby

Another good friend of mine who is currently a mistress of someone was found by this other mistress who happen to just gave birth to a child (not aware of the gender). Last week when she got a strange SMS from the “other mistress”, she decided to engage in a “text war: bitchesa vs bitchesa with the baby”. Unfortunately things became a little bit violent this time because my friend’s “special someone” (aside from the other guy) which we call “avatar” decided to meet the mistress with the baby with the objective of finding out whether the mistress’ declarations are true, including the baby. Apparently they are all nothing but the truth. As I write now, I think “avatar” is still being held captive by the mistress with a kid “brads” (fraternity related I think) getting all his possessions (car, money etc) excluding his phone and the last thing that I heard was that mistress with a baby threatened my friend that they will throw avatar somewhere because avatar was pakialamero.

The demand here is very simple; mistress with the baby wanted my friend to let go of “the guy” unfortunately my friend is in love with him thus letting him go is not that easy. “Very typical, soap operatic themed scenes”, that’s what I managed to say after hearing the story and here’s my advise: tell mistress with the baby that he can have “the guy” as long as she wants so long that she will never be bugged again. Moreover, my friend will keep the condo, the allowances and other benefits she’s currently enjoying and also “the guy” can still visit my friend if he wants to. At the end of the day, my friend still has her avatar, remember? In that equation, I think everybody will be happy and contented with what each other have.

And “the guy’? he’s currently in the US together with the legitimate family. Ang saya!

To my surprise her comments were: “how can you make things seem easier and how can you be so emotionless”.

Thankful and Happy

I checked my site stats and over the weekend visitors count reached 40+…WOW! Thank you po.

Akward Moment

Another FX experience…

I saw someone who I gone to bed with last night while waiting for the FX at the terminal. I just nod and smile at him and he did the same. All of a sudden things happened before surfaced from my subconscious which made me tell myself “another night wouldn’t be bad” haha.

Seriously, I was like tempted to talk to him and ask things out but then I stepped back and decided to just be quiet.

Makes me wonder, 2 strange FX related experience, pwedeng mag-FX ulit bukas (grin)

The Ride and The Girl

Just got here in my office room and am thinking what had just happened.

The day started without any cab that will take me from Manila to Ortigas. I was like waiting for good 30 minutes then I decided to hail a jeepney to the FX terminal. Upon reaching the terminal, an empty FX is on its way out heading to Ortigas and will just take its chance picking passengers en route. I took the front seat and I was followed by a lady lets call her “the girl”.

Normally I just take a nap whenever am traveling but this time, this girl (YES, G-I-R-L!) got my attention. She’s fine, good build, chinita and bears the sweetest smile I haven’t seen in years (from a girl, I repeat from a girl…from who? huwaaaaat???). I caught myself staring at her (thank you to my eye shades, I think she didn’t noticed me staring at her). I hurriedly sent an SMS to my buddies telling them the scenario I was in earlier, and all of them were frantic on what I should do or my next move and of course a lot of teasing…magbabalik loob na daw ako finally. I entertained the thought and I told one of my friends that I think I would consider going to the “matuwid na landas” if she will be with me. Seriously, natorpe ako sa kanya, heck I cannot start a conversation, damn I don’t know how to, its been years since I was with a girl!!! Panic mode ON. But the persistent guy in me wanted to know her and probably invite her for a quick coffee.

Thank you to manong driver who asked something which opened up “the” conversation. I managed to ask her few things, basics, and I was about to alight the FX when she mentioned that she don’t know where to get off because it was her first time taking the FX on her way to work. Ting! Here’s my chance! So I told her that I’ll join her to where she should alight and I know for a fact that my friendly Starbucks store is exactly besides her building. Ayos! I told manong driver to drop us in front of the building and as we went off the FX, I immediately went to her side and drop my line “mind if I ask you to grab some coffee?” then she took a quick glance to her wrist watch and said “I have a ten o’clock meeting”. I thought that was the end until she said “but sure, a quick coffee will still be fine” Ayos!. Before we reach the entrance of the store I managed to ask her name and shook her hand, gawd I was shaking…parang high school lang! We had a quick conversation in between orders until we decided to partway. My bad, I know I should’ve asked her if I can join her for walk to her building pero nahiya ako. Maybe next time.

I dunno what happened, seriously. But one thing I am sure of, I like her the moment I saw her.

There goes the guy in me.

Inside Your Heaven

Hold your horses first, though the title connotes a lot of things, this post contain my latest realization.

I’ve been down
Now I’m blessed
I felt a revelation coming around
I guess its right, it’s so amazing
Everytime I see you I’m alive
You’re all I’ve got
You lift me up
The sun and the moonlight
All my dreams are in your eyes

I wanna be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from
Where the storm blows your way
I wanna be the earth that holds you
Every bit of air you’re breathin’ in
A soothin’ wind
I wanna be inside your heaven

When we touch, when we love
The stars light up
The wrong becomes undone
Naturally, my soul surrenders
The sun and the moonlight
All my dreams are in your eyes

And I wanna be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from
Where the storm blows you away
And I wanna be the earth that holds you
Every bit of air you’re breathing in
A soothing wind
I wanna be inside your heaven

When minutes turn to days and years
If mountains fall, I’ll still be here
Holdin you until the day I die
And I wanna be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from
Where the storm blows you away

I wanna be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from
Where the storm blows you away
I wanna be the earth that holds you
Every bit of air you’re breathin’ in
A soothin’ wind
I wanna be inside your heaven
Oh yes I do
I wanna be inside your heaven

Couple of days ago, I finally met this dad of one whom I got connected with through an SNS. It was such a wonderful meet up; he invited me to his place very near my work place and he shared a chapter of his life to me – a stranger.

The meet up started with the basic gestures: hand shakes, smile and basic questions about life, what we do, among other stuff. He’s a drop dead gorgeous dad in his late 20’s, I believe he grew up down under to where his daughter now stays with his parents. To me he’s someone that every PLUs will definitely fight just to be him, as I told my friend “he’s artista-ish good looking and mukang sa kanya bibigay ako”. After all my personal admiration, he started to tell his story…

Like most of us, he is used to meet ups and knows the game very well. But this particular guy caught him unguarded probably because they shared a life changing moment together within the first few meet ups which ended them having a pseudo relationship with a CATCH. The other guy’s in a one year relationship with a mid-life executive. Their relationship went to where it should go, they passed through “meet the family” stage wherein they can both tell that my friend is more favoured by the family than the other guy which apparently haven’t gone through that stage yet. Everything’s seemingly OK until an incident which led the guy to tell my friend that he realized that he loves the mid-life guy more than my new friend. Ouch.

At that moment, I managed to rub his back to console him, I can still feel the pain  through his eyes and how his aura changed when we came to that part of his story. Then I realized, that even if you are “drop dead” gorgeous and seemingly perfect and all, you still experience things that less fortunate PLUs normally experience. Its not always butterflies and lilies for them pala; all the while I thought that people like him always gets what he wants and all-time happy.

It is true, All Is Fair in Love and War.

Note: The relevance of the song and the title? Its another realization, actually meeting him is like a prize for me because I was not expecting him to be interested in meeting me to begin with…sabi ko nga sa kaibigan ko “he’s the person na pwede ko lang tignan pero hindi pwedeng hawakan, pwedeng pangarapin pero hindi ko makakamit” (very low disposition)

I was alone last Friday night when I decided to hit BED (Manila) after having coffee with a friend somewhere in UN. I am a member of this SNS and I received an invite from BED that there will be an exclusive party for the members which gave me more than enough reason to go there: free entrance + SNS members = fun!

Since I came there thirty minutes before show time (started 12:00am), I immediately ordered my usual (Absolute + Sprite) and lit a cig. I was on the phone the whole time talking to a new found friend convincing him to come over for company since I don’t want to be alone that night, well that’s my initial thought. Few cigs, few minutes, a second round when /he/ went to my spot to ask for “light”. Being mabait that I am, I obliged and handed him my lighter as I continue to do my stuff. /He/ went back to his friend and continued drinking.

The night’s getting boring so I decided to go downstairs to check on the show. Few were there already dancing together with the ledge dancers in white and I was just in one corner. Moments after, /he/ was beside me already and we are now exchanging basic information about ourselves. Both professional, single but not wanting (we thought so). We continued the night dancing, dinking, whispers, smoking and what have you.

I was about to call that I night when something in me (alcohol I guess) decided to join them as they took off the bar for some quick snack. While eating he asked me if I would like to come over his place, being the kaladkarin that I am, I obliged. So we head to his place in Makati…sneaking (all the while he thought that his dad was not around but we saw his car outside). Few chats and the next thing I know we were kissing, passionate, intense. We were into it that moment, our tools are of more or less equal proportions, just right fit to where it was that night (grin). We both came with a kiss and a promise of exploring potential “future” after. Well, as most of us, there’s no future after hook up. When pants zip up and tops buttoned, its Thank you and Good bye.