Could he be…the ONE?

We all heard of stories of finding one’s perfect match. Most often than not, we are envious from those stories and wanting is a mixture of emotions. On the other hand there are stories of hoping, of tireless waiting or losing hope to which our sympathy pours complete with morale boosting kind words. I am writing now because I can’t contain it, I am starting to like someone.

[J] born 5 years and 5 days ahead of me under the same stubborn star. A self made man. Grounded and emotionally stable. From the past days that we’ve been exchanging SMS and calls, we both realized that being born under the same star makes most aspects of our lives the same, is that good or bad? Neither of us can tell.

From one conversation we found out that we share the same reasons on why we stay single for the longest time and how we promised ourselves that whenever the “one” comes along, we will do our best to make it the “last”. I can’t help but assume and hope, [J] is the reason why I keep on checking my phone for new SMS or why I wanted to go home earlier (than usual) these days because that’s the time we would catch up on the day that just passed.

Now am scared to move forward, to loosen up my guards and to slowly give in to this “blissful emotion”. A friend of mine who serves as my confidante told me that what I am trying to do is wrong because I am trying to alter nature’s course for selfish reason – I don’t want to fall and be hurt at the end.

I look forward to sharing more colourful stories of me and [J]. Fingers crossed, heart beating fast, world’s of various shades and colors…could [J] be the ONE for ME?


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