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I woke up pretty early and unusually perky this morning and I was wondering WHY. I opened my PDAs and hell at 5:00AM (Manila time) I was answering emails from people across the globe and down under which is really strange. Series of emails went by thirty minutes thereafter and I went downstairs, put on the coffee maker then hit the dining table where (as always) my breakfast is ready complete with the works (utensils, condiments and news paper – special thanks to my Tita who’s doing this everyday). Quick breakfast and then shower, tossed some “Spring/Summer” inspired outfit (as if may spring season sa Pinas and for crying out loud may bagyo last week kaya hindi na din Summer), casual pants, white top and brown shoes. Then put on the morning rituals. A quick glance with the way I look in my full body mirror and am ready.

bag – check
iTouch – check
lip balm on – check
shades – check

I popped my earphones as I went out of the house and to my surprise its Madonna’s Vougue that was playing. And as the sun strike to my body and face, I look around and walk the catwalk (macho style).

Looking back, I think the reason why this day is started earlier than expected and perkier than usual is because of the good vibes that song gave to me, and I now recalled that I was humming Vogue while bathing.

As the song goes:

It makes no difference if you’re black or white
If you’re a boy or a girl
If the music’s pumping it will give you new life
You’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are, you know it. VOGUE!


after the hiatus

And I am back…to those who are reading my blog, my sincerest apologies that I wasn’t able to write for more than a month or two, I seriously don’t remember.

But a lot of things happened (as always) day-in-day-out to your wanderer parang kasing dami lang ng mga sasakyang dumadaan sa Ortigas araw-araw. To start of, I just turned a year wiser and wittier last May. I’ve been to some new places over the span of my hiatus in the blogosphere and met a few remarkable people who didn’t last long and right now someone’s coming back. And another thing, after so long I went to Cubao with a girl friend to catch up over cup of coffee which let to bottles of beer but. More than the conversation my friend and I had, the imprint Cubao left was the fact that the place made me jealous and envious because of the “partners/couples” that I saw while wandering the streets of Araneta Center past midnight last week.

Well that’s a quickie.

Oh, take a look at one of the shocks of my life when I went to Korea…

who will imagine that they are only good in making Android phones?