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Extreme Living

Over the past twenty days I’ve been traveling in different countries mainly for work and of course to do some sight seeing. Considering that am just new in this kind of business, I have to maintain my focus and being the ultra competitive that I am, I always see to it that foreign counterparts will be impressed and will believe the effectiveness of my strategies (go Pinoy!)

During those trips, I was able to see the busy business district, cityscape, renowned landmarks, suburbs and some countryside. Each representing distinct characters and personalities, from posh to simple (look for synonym). And as I go from one place to the other, realities of living is slowly unfolding. Peoples lives in the other parts of he region is pretty much the same as ours, from fame to famine. And to some extent most of Pinoys are even lucky in the Philippines which I don’t think they appreciate, for reasons they themselves know.

I now consider myself lucky, not because I have a job that allows me to travel and be in all these wonderful places that most of my “kababayans” will only see in the movies (no pun intended). I am lucky because I was able to see the different faces of life and realize that I am a blessed guy and I should not only be thankful of this blessings, I know that I should use it for he betterment of other people. As to how and where to start, that I still have to figure out myself.


While writing this blog am traveling from Manila to my hometown, boarding a non air-conditioned bus and standing. What a perfect balance in my life because over the past 20 days I’ve been boarding business class planes and luxury cars and enjoying the “expat” life.


Opportunity for all

In a boutique of a local shopping mall:

Me: excuse me (a saleslady quickly went to where I was standing), is there a bigger size of this shirt (pointing at a cute shirt for boys…yeah I normally shop kids sizes with the body frame that I have)?

Lady: (suddenly raised here hands showing numbers)

Me: blank stare

Lady: (pointed to her ID card) “Hi! My name is ______, how may I help you? Then there’s a bold writing below her name ” I’m Deaf”

Me: shocked

It took me a while before I came to my senses and realized that indeed I was speaking to a deaf saleslady (no pun intended). Suddenly I felt a mixture of astonishment and sympathy towards the situation. Allow me to say that I was more amazed just by dealing with her. It never occurred in my mind hat I will be experiencing such, because for one it never occurred to me I will meet one here in the Philippines.?

And that is EQUITY. Hats off to you guys!